Built on a foundation of

integrity, accountability, and partnership.

Since developing our first residential subdivision in 1954, Williams Realty & Building Company has grown into a full-service residential and commercial construction, development, and property management company.

We’ve done it by staying true to the timeless principles laid out by our father, John C. Williams:

  • Treat people fairly.
  • Stand behind your work.
  • Do the best job possible.

For us that means paying as much attention to the details that can’t be seen as the ones that can. We keep workflow manageable to maximize opportunities for success on each project. We proactively address safety to protect everyone on our job sites. We build strong relationships with our clients, our subcontractors, and our community to make sure everyone is listened to and respected. We promote teamwork and honest communication to ensure the best ideas are heard and acted upon.

Perhaps most importantly, we build for the long term. That includes cementing strong relationships with our clients to ensure we meet your needs long after a job is finished.

J. Cross Williams, Jr.

Joel T. C. Williams

Owen D. Williams

Part of a

strong community.

Founded in 2007 by John C. Williams, Chaucer Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Williams Realty & Building Company and its affiliated companies. The mission of the foundation is to better our community and its citizens. Our team members have dedicated countless hours toward many causes. Chaucer Charitable supports over 90 organizations annually with strategic support and monetary donations.

Year after year, we exceed

industry safety standards.

Safety is a fundamental part of our company culture and it is our policy that every employee is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions for the construction industry. We have developed a comprehensive safety program which starts at the top with our management team. Our written safety policies are continuously re-evaluated to ensure OSHA compliance and to develop the best safe work practices. We comply with all state and local regulations, with an emphasis on OSHA 1926 Construction Standards for our construction operations. Williams Realty & Building Company has an accomplished safety record with five consecutive awards in The North Carolina Department of Labor’s Safety Awards Programs. Our current EMR is 0.74.

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